Kim Kardashian’s Reality TV Show

After Kim Kardashian’s sex tape was released with rapper Ray.J and she gained fame plus whooping amount of million dollars she started making ways into make her debut to television screen for something noticeable, different and raunchy. And then E! Network started a new reality TV series named “Keeping up with the Kardashians” which was premiered on October 14,2007.

This show was produced by American idol host Ryan Seacrest and it mainly focuses on the lives of Kim , her sisters Khloe and Kourtney,  brother Robert Jr, mother Kris Jenner , step father Bruce Jenner and half-sisters of Kim named as Kendall and Kylie. Significant others of Kardashian family have also appeared on the show like Kourtney’s ex-boyfriend Scott Disick, Khloe’s ex-husband Lamar Odom, etc.

Kris Jenner once commented about the whole idea of this reality TV show as:

“Everybody thinks that my children could create a bunch of drama in their lives, but it’s something that I felt I didn’t even have to think about. It would be natural.”                                                                             

kim-kardashianThis statement can be analyzed well when in one episode from the first season; Kim discusses with her family an offer from Playboy magazine to appear as nude. She eventually agreed to do it and bared it all for the publication in the December 2007 issue. This series has been a major achievement in Kim’s life along with her family because it was being renewed for a second season one month after its premier due to high ratings.

Ryan stated about the show as:

“At the heart of the series, despite the catfights and endless sarcasm—is a family that truly loves and supports one another. The familiar dynamics of this family make them one Hollywood bunch that is sure to entertain.”  

As it is mentioned earlier Kim’s appearance in Playboy magazine that represents how confident she has become come in terms of showing off her sexy body. Her brand statement and exclusive feature are her ‘curves’ for once she stated that:

I used to say my prayers before bed, and pray I would stop developing. You always see the typical skinny models and I’m not that and I’m proud not to be that.”  

kim_kardashian_leatherThe show’s success contributed significantly towards building the “Kardashian brand”, or “Kardashian Inc.” pouring with dozens of endorsement deals offers. Since, then Kim’s celebrity status has only grown and gained her world wide popularity. Kim Kardashian became the most Googled celebrity in 2008 breaking the records of Britney Spears In 2009 she helped in launching a shoe shopping service names as ‘ShoeDazzle’ that caters the expertise of Hollywood’s famous stylists.
Along with her sisters Kourtney and Khloe she launched her own perfume line ‘Sears Fashion Collection’ and tanning products too. She has millions of followers on her social media accounts and receives $10,000 – $20,000 on per post when she is promoting her different brands. The reality TV series has also faced numerous critics comments of being useless , pointless and whores who are attention seeker soul , etc but, it is a fact that it has been one of the most viewing show and praised well all the family and poured Kim with leaps and bounds of success.




Kim Kardashian’s Wedding

A dream wedding ceremony with numerous functions, parties and destinations is always a dream of every girl whether she is common one or a celebrity. Every girl wants to look stunning, jaw dropping beautiful on her wedding day, each and every detail should be perfect.Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Italian themed wedding held on 24, May, 2014 in Florence, Italy was one of those memorable events which one can dream of having approx 600 guests altogether, seemed to be a grand Royal wedding.

Starting from the beginning on May 23, she had a pre-wedding brunch at most popular Valentino’s brunch chateau and all the family members were clad in Valentino.Kim Kardashian was looking gorgeous in her sleek braid and super shiny long hair with a chic look in a super sexy long-sleeved butterfly gown with silhouette extended to the floor by Valentino showing her cleavage. It was a star-studded huge event having entertainment for celebrities from every sector. Some people missed the event too due to personal grudges or jealousy/disputes but never mind.kim-kardashian-wedding1

Now coming towards the Big Day on May 24, which was a fancy Florence wedding at Forte Di Belvedere, cost $410,000 and whole cost for the big day was $14.7 million. The ceremony was kept out of view by hanging dozens and dozens of white flowers to give Kim and Kanye the privacy they had wanted on their big day. Beautiful Floral arrangements were from Fiori Della Signoria, one of Florence’s oldest flower shops, costing around £60,000 approx.Kim looked breathtaking super gorgeous in long-sleeved haute couture Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci gown. She wore her hair down with a long, flowing veil that matched her dress and covered her face as she came down.

While Kanye was wearing a custom tux and was looking great. The expensive wedding ring given to Kim Kardashian by Kanye West is a 15-carat square stunning ring with sparkles. Whereas the Kim’s wedding band is a handmade diamond band by jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz and Kanye is having a matching handmade gold band. .The people in the wedding were having their dinner seated at a 224-foot imperial marble table, which had been mounted onto a platform. The lavish Menu was chicken, steak, salmon, and tortellini. Armand de Brignac Champagne and the meal were topped off with a white, seven-foot wedding cake that featured fruit layers. There were amazing live performances during the wedding event by Lana Del Rey, Beyonce and Jay Z. It cost around $1.7 million.

After the sunset there was a Reception held nearby the venue. Kanye delivered a 15-minute emotional speech about how much he loves Kim. Kim and Kanye performed in full swing ‘at Last’ by John Legend. Guests also danced all the night and enjoy their fullest in the party. The party, which was organized by celebrity event planner Sharon Sacks, got into full swing as the red lights along the perimeter of the fortress lit up the night sky.

After the lavish Italian wedding was over the super couple headed towards Ireland for their honeymoon. This kid of wedding was indeed an achievement for Kim to have her love as his husband and life partner.


Top 4 Male Sex Toys to Have on Your List


Top 4 Male Sex Toys to Have on Your List

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COBRA LIBRE II:  Cobra Libre II is an automatic toy which is equipped with 2 powerful motors. It envelops the tip of the penis to give immense pleasure by it vibrations. The inner material is made of velvety silicone which makes the contact so smooth and similar to that of real skin.


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PIPEDREAM EXTREME FUCK ME SILLY 2: Pipedream has made its breakthrough in the market with its toys which looks like real human body. The 12 pound toy seems big compared to other toys; but it really worth a try as far as you do not masturbate at office or while travelling. The product comes with a 36DD boobs and a tight vagina. This is enough to give you the feeling of a real intercourse. This product is available at pipedreamproducts.com .


AUTOBLOW 2: Is your girlfriend not good at blowing you? Well, with 9 inches height and 4 inches width, this toy can outdo your girlfriend. This product is said to give the feeling of a real blowjob with its smooth inner sleeves. Autoblow 2 doesn’t use battery and should be used by directly plugging to power socket. Its interchangeable sleeves come in three sizes to fit all men, and can be washed easily. You can bag this valuable product from autoblow2.com .


Well, it’s time for you to choose which one suits your interests best. Each one has its own unique qualities and worth buying. All these toys could add to the elegance of your sex toy collection. As anyone would get bored by the same practices and toys, I would suggest trying more than one toy.


Kim Kardashian’s Sex Video

In the mid of 2000 , Kim Kardashian wasn’t famous at all and was  a stylist for Paris Hilton. Many people think it was the Reality TV Show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” that made Kim Kardashian a Superstar overnight and gained her so much success and fame. To an extent it really played a major role in her popularity but, inspite of her business endeavors it was her Sex video  she made with R&B singer Ray.J (her then boyfriend) in 2003 and turned the leak out in 2007 4 years later that catapulted her to Super stardom.

Kim and RayIn early 2007, sex video of Kim and Ray.J made it to the Vivid Entertainment, an adult film company. The company paid $1 million for the rights of 30 minute tape. Initially she was much frustrated and took the legal action against it and sued for invasion of privacy, while most celebrities don’t know how to get benefit from their sex tapes and handle this kind of situation when these tapes are being leaked but, Kim took help from porn actor Joe Francis and in May 2007, three months after the video release she agreed to $5 million settlement. How it all made to a settlement thing? What was the backside story? Was it a compromise or she was being forced? Let us find out the real facts.

Read here what Ray J. had to say about Kim Kardashian’s vagina…! Pretty shocking to say the least! 

After suing, she soon realized the Company was not going to help make the video disappear, so Joe Francis helped her to arrange a meeting with his friend Steve Hirsch, the boss of Vivid and Ray J.An authentic source claimed that:

Kim and Ray J received around $300k each for the tape and they would also receive

a cut from the videos sold or downloaded. Kim duly dropped her lawsuit against Vivid.”

Vivid Entertainment was now making $1185 a month from the online sales. Ray.J made $90k in a 3 month period while Kim made $50k in a month alone. The notable feature is, this video gave immense popularity and fame to Kim with her net worth said to be $85 million. This sex tape became a bridge for her entry in Reality TV show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians netting the family $100 million dollars whooping amount for the next 4 years of the program.

People have different perceptions and thought about Kim’s video and the earning made through it, maybe she had no chance left instead of this, as someone wisely said ; You first have to step into someone else shoes in order to understand their journey and situation , which they went through.

Whether it was her high moment or a low one but, indeed it made a drastic change in her life and career as she once said:

“It definitely puts you in a category that I would wish upon no one.”

Later in Tyra Banks show she said:

“Your reputation is all that you have, and if people prejudge you

over something that you did, than that kind of sticks with you a long time.”