Love her or hate her, you can’t ignore her.

Unless you have been living on another planet, you probably know who Kim Kardashian West is.

Kim first came under the spotlight as Paris Hilton’s stylist but her social media celebrity career saw a meteoric rise when an old sex tape featuring Kim and her then boyfriend Ray J got leaked in 2007.

It seems that Kim did learn the art of getting famous from Paris since both the teacher and the student became famous through leaked sex tapes. ( some say that her sex tape was deliberately leaked )

Paris Hilton lives her life under the notion that she “created” Kim Kardashian but truth be told Kim is way ahead in the race. Cashing in on the social media boom, Kim sure does know how to maneuver circumstances to her advantage.

Forbes reports that Kim “has 54.6 million Instagram followers to Hilton’s 5.3 million; she has 37.8 million Twitter followers to Hilton’s 13.4 million; and she has 26.9 million Facebook followers to Hilton’s 7.3 million.”

Kim Kadashian is alternately described as a socialite, reality TV celebrity, debutante, and entrepreneur


However, hardly anyone would think of Paris Hilton as a sexual icon in the present day. With her perfect red carpet looks, headline-making sexy flare, her brains, her beauty and impeccable behavior, Kim easily carries this era’s sex symbol baton and she isn’t even close to handing it over to anyone else in the near future.

Kim can break the internet in her sleep. All she has to do is post a selfie. In her recent vacation to Mexico, she claimed to have taken 6,000 selfies and as her famous quote goes, she will keep taking “nude selfies till she is alive”.

The raven haired stunner pulls out all the stops for any event she graces. Kim loves her curves and is not afraid of flaunting them. In fact she flaunts every inch of her body in various outfits that are mostly hand-picked by her husband, Kanye West. Though a strange to unkempt looks and make-up free face, Kim can look gorgeous even if she chooses to wear a lot or wear nothing.

This is a talent most of the celebrities cannot lay claim to.

Including many others, Kim has also won the 2016 first ever “Break the Internet” Webby Award for her “unparalleled success online.”

Kim Kadashian is alternately described as a socialite, reality TV celebrity, debutante, and entrepreneur or sometimes called a celebutante (a debutante who is a celebrity). Whatever she is called, Kim is well known and undeniably beautiful. Although she has many television credits and movie appearances to her name she may be best known for her naughty tape with her boyfriend Ray J.

Kim-KardashianKim Kardashian was born in Los Angeles on October 21, 1980 to defense attorney Robert Kardashian who is perhaps best known for his defense of OJ Simpson. Robert Kardashian was of Armenian descent and Kim Kardashian describes her childhood as filled with Armenian holidays, foods and stories. Kim’s mother is Kris Jenner nee Houghton. She has two sisters and one brother, Kourtney, Kloe, and Robert as well as a host of stepbrothers and sisters, Burton, Brandon, Brody and Casey Jenner and two half-sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

Kim Kardashian is known in part for her boutique, and the series of designer fragrances and clothes launched bearing the Kardashian name and endorsement. Kim has appeared on Beyond the Break. She then starred the film spoof Disaster Movie. Kardashian appeared in a How I Met Your Mother episode and Kim and Kloe appeared on the tenth season premiere of 90210. However perhaps the most well known television credit for Kim is the reality TV show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” by E!.

Of all the Kardashian and Jenner family, Kim stands out because of her boldness, sheer sexiness, taking critics head on, and her art of being in the spot light every now and then while being the wife of Kanye and the whole Kanye VS Taylor Swift controversy keeps her in the headlines.

Be it her pregnancy, being with her friends such as Emily Ratajkowski, replying to critics regarding her “butt being fake”, being featured on magazines’ covers or even a picture after dying her hair, all she needs to do is to drop her dress and the next day she will be in the headlines.

In Kim’s own husband, Kanye West, words: “I have a love-hate relationship with the paparazzi, but actually I love them because they are empowering us. They are empowering us over Vanity Fair that want to say that Kate Upton is Marilyn Monroe. Kate Upton ain’t Marilyn Monroe, Kim is Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn was controversial. Kim is controversial.” Even when Snapchat launched the official Marilyn filter, Kim was the first person to receive that filter on her visit to Snapchat HQs.

Kim can rightly be called the sex symbol of modern generation. Her courage to opt for bold fashion trends, efforts to lose over 70 pounds post pregnancy, not letting critics to affect the way she live her life and on top, her fearlessness when posting a “nude selfie” and the she being the personification of an hourglass figure has earned her fame, be it negative of positive, across the globe. She is bold, she is beautiful, she is goals for many and the sex symbol the millennial needed after Marilyn.