Top 4 Male Sex Toys to Have on Your List

Are you someone who looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger just by your right hand bicep? Well it’s time to move on; come out of the shame with these technological advancements.  If you think sex toys are just for women, then you are fallen behind by a couple of decades. The advancements in the male sex toy market are far beyond everyone’s expectations. Well better late than never. Try these 4 Male Sex Toys that could give you an orgasm your partner would envy at.

FLESHLIGHT: Fleshlight is the best-selling sex toy in the male sex toy market. With the appearance similar to that of a flashlight, the product is said to offer extra smooth texture with a series of canal widths to choose from; so that it could match your penis size. The product is reusable and easily washable. The outer body is made of strong and durable material.


Well, don’t try to keep it on the table top and pretend before others like it’s a flashlight; it’s a popular toy for your information. The product is available at

COBRA LIBRE II:  Cobra Libre II is an automatic toy which is equipped with 2 powerful motors. It envelops the tip of the penis to give immense pleasure by it vibrations. The inner material is made of velvety silicone which makes the contact so smooth and similar to that of real skin.


If you are lazy to strain your hand after long hours of work, this is the right product for you. Visit for more details.

PIPEDREAM EXTREME FUCK ME SILLY 2: Pipedream has made its breakthrough in the market with its toys which looks like real human body. The 12 pound toy seems big compared to other toys; but it really worth a try as far as you do not masturbate at office or while travelling. The product comes with a 36DD boobs and a tight vagina. This is enough to give you the feeling of a real intercourse. This product is available at .


AUTOBLOW 2: Is your girlfriend not good at blowing you? Well, with 9 inches height and 4 inches width, this toy can outdo your girlfriend. This product is said to give the feeling of a real blowjob with its smooth inner sleeves. Autoblow 2 doesn’t use battery and should be used by directly plugging to power socket. Its interchangeable sleeves come in three sizes to fit all men, and can be washed easily. You can bag this valuable product from .


Well, it’s time for you to choose which one suits your interests best. Each one has its own unique qualities and worth buying. All these toys could add to the elegance of your sex toy collection. As anyone would get bored by the same practices and toys, I would suggest trying more than one toy.

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